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trendy eyeglasses

Popular eyeglass styles come and go. While you should always try to find the style of eyeglass that best fits your face shape and makes you feel confident and comfortable with yourself, it’s often nice to know what’s in and what’s out. However, the good news for this year is that, when it comes to trendy eyeglasses, pretty much everything is in this year! This means that practically any style you choose, whether it is a rimless or cat eye glasses, you’re guaranteed to be at the forefront of the fashion scene. Let’s take a look at the trendy eyeglasses that are popping up left and right in both Hollywood and the regular world: 

  • Square. A current popular eyeglass style is the square lens. It has a higher vertical length, and isn’t as long and thin as the more rectangular lens shapes we’re used to seeing on people. 

  • Circle. Remember John Lennon’s circular glasses? Well, they’re back, and with a vengeance. Once popular in the 1960s, they’re making a strong comeback for this year. Be careful with this shape, however, because it can easily make a round face look rounder. If you have a square jaw line, the circular shape is perfect for softening harsh lines and contours. 

  • Rimless or semi-rimless. The rimless or semi-rimless lens can come in any shape, really, but is usually seen as a rectangle. These are trendy eyeglasses because they give the illusion of not wearing glasses in the first place. 

  • Black-rimmed. The antithesis to the rimless lens, the black-rimmed lens is a bold choice. This was a popular eyeglass style in the 1950s and gives your look a considerable retro feel. Depending on the shape you choose, these tend to be very flattering to a large number of face shapes. 

  • Cat eye. Cat eye glasses are making a huge comeback this year. They’re a fun and sexy look that really gives an edge to your whole style. What’s new about cat eye glasses are the minute details being added to them, such as interesting patterns and tiny crystals to adorn the edges. 

  • Crazy patterns and colors. While most people still choose browns, blacks and neutrals for their color choices, those interested in the current trendy eyeglasses should consider going for a bolder or surprising color. Green, red and navy blue may seem a bit shocking at first, but actually fit in to any wardrobe better than may be expected. Depending on your eye color, they can really add some depth and brightness to your eyes.

No matter what the popular eyeglass styles are, has any size, shape or color you’re interested in. Since 1997, we’ve been meeting your optical needs for a fraction of the mall prices.

By Dr. William Becker