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Anti Reflection Lenses


The Next Revolution in Anti-Reflective Lenses - Now Here at Theyedoctor.com.

anti reflection lenses



See Better
Look Better

Hydrophobic Oleophobic

Easy to Clean

Repels smudges, repels water, repels smudges.


Superior Scratch Resistance

Improve Night Vision

Anti Reflection Lenses

Anti reflection lenses virtually eliminates reflections from the front and back surface of your eyeglass lenses which allows more light to reach your eyes. This helps you in two ways. First, you see better, particularly in low-light or glare-prone situations such as driving at night. Second, you look better because people can see your eyes without seeing distracting reflections




Anti Reflective Lenses Reduce Glare

Without Anti Reflection

With Anti Reflection

No uncomfortable reflections provide you with clear and contrasted vision. Anti-reflection lenses increase light transmission through your lenses, which can dramatically improve your night vision, and virtually eliminate the reflections from the back of your lenses which reduces "ghost images" and flare.

More light can reach your eyes, particularly in low-light situations like night driving.
Lenses appear almost invisible to people looking at you, making your eyes the focus of attention and not your glasses.

Reduced reflections on lenses make a dramatic difference in photographs and on video.

Reflections of your own eyes and eyelashes are virtually eliminated

Improve Your Appearance

Anti Reflection Lenses2Some of the light reflected by typical lenses is bounced off the front of the lens surface. That means that others see reflections on your glasses, instead of your eyes. With anti reflection lenses, they'll see more of you.
Reduce "Visual Noise" and Eyestrain Light also bounces off the back surface of your lenses and into your eyes. This creates "visual noise" in the form of ghost images and the fuzzing of objects in your field of view. Even if you are not consciously aware of it, this glare can cause eye fatigue and stress. The effects of these reflections are most pronounced in situations such as spending lots of time under flourescent lights, or driving at night with bright lights ahead and behind. With AR, these reflections are virtually eliminated. That means better vision when you need it.



Premium Anti Reflection Lenses Repel Water

Anti Reflection Lenses without rainWith Anti Reflection Lenses in RainWater has minimal adherence to lens surface. Many people feel self conscious wearing glasses. They are uncertain how they'll be perceived. They wonder how much other people notice their glasses, rather than their eyes. And they don't like the reflections and glare in their eyes that remind them that they have to wear glasses. AR makes glasses much less noticeable - whether you're looking through them or at them.



Premium Anti Reflection Lenses From Theyedoctor.com are Easy to Clean

With advancements in hydrophobic, oleophobic and anti-static technologies, the next revolution in anti-reflective coating is now here at Theyedoctor.com. IAnti reflction lenses eliminate reflections allowing 99% light transmission. They offer outstanding contrast, abrasion and scratch-resistance exceeding market benchmarks. Amazing durability in accelerated aging tests, and unsurpassed anti-static properties. Treated lenses repel water, fingerprints, dust and lint as never before. The most technologically advanced anti-reflective coating, a new standard for cosmetic and optical performance, and ensures consistent residual color. Applied in a multi-stage process using the latest robotics, AR complements the advancements achieved with Digitally surfaced lenses. This AR will never crack, peel, or flake for the life of the lenses, guaranteed. This translates into seeing the world in Digital clarity through almost smudge-proof lenses that are easier to clean and care-for than other AR coatings.

Durable and Scratch Resistant

Without Anti ReflectionAnti Reflection Lenses are easy to clean







By Dr. William Becker