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Eyeglass Frames for Face Shapes

How to find the right pair of glasses for your face shape There are generally 7 face shapes: round, heart-shaped (base-up triangle), triangular (base down), square, rectangular, oblong and oval. Choose frames that are opposite of the shape of your face.

When shopping for glasses, whether plastic or rimless eyeglass frames, it’s important to choose the right frame shape for your face. No matter which frame shape you choose, titanium eyeglass frames are an excellent choice. Titanium eyeglass frames are lightweight, strong and hypoallergenic – making it the perfect option for people allergic to certain metals. Once you’ve made a decision on the material of your glasses, be it plastic, metal or titanium eyeglass frames, you now need to choose the right frame shape for your face. Here’s a helpful guide to inform your decision:

Round face. Round faces look best with an angular frame shape. Rimless eyeglass frames tend to have sharp angles and look especially good on a round face. Rectangular rimless eyeglass frames will help a round shaped face appear longer and thinner. As a rule, you should strive for face balance, so round glasses on a round face are a big no-no.

Oval face. If you have an oval shaped face, you’re in luck. You have the ability to rock pretty much any frame shape you choose. Because your face is already nicely balanced you can experiment with any number of frame shapes. At Theyedoctor.com we recommend looking in to titanium eyeglass frames which will keep their shape for years to come. People with oval faces often have smaller features, so your only concern is making sure you don’t choose a style which overpowers your features.

Square face. As with round faces, a square face requires balance. In order to soften the sharp edges of a square face, we recommend a rounded frame in order to create curves on the face. Rimless eyeglass frames are also a great choice for those with square faces in order to add a little contrast to the face. Another popular choice is cat eye frames, which can help lessen angles. Heart shaped face. A person with a heart shaped face has a wider forehead and a narrow jaw line.

Heart shaped faces tend to have a more difficult time finding the perfect frame shape for their face, so you should have fun trying out a large number of choices. When shopping for a heart shaped face, try lighter colored round frames, which can lessen the look of a wide forehead, or frames that are wider at the bottom in order to offset a narrow jaw line.

No matter what your face shape, you should always choose the frame shape you feel most comfortable with. The more confident you are with your eyeglasses the better you’ll look! At Theyedoctor.com we have the perfect glasses for any face, at a fraction of the price you’d spend anywhere else!

By Dr. William Becker