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Seiko Eyeglasses

Seiko Eyewear That Performs

Seiko Titanium Eyeglass Frames are exceptional frames made with superior workmanship and classic styling. Constructed exclusively from lightweight and durable Titanium, Seiko Titanium eyeglasses offer outstanding quality and design. Seiko Titanium frames are lightweight and more comfortable than steel or metal frames Seiko eyeglasses are a perfect complement to your prescription eyeglass lenses.

Seiko Ladies frames offer fashionable styling and rich color while providing maximum durability and value. They are Nickel Allergy Free. Seiko frames are crafted with the same precision and quality that the Seiko name is known for worldwide. Sturdy, durable and lightweight

Seiko Titanium Mens frames feature 100% Titanium, Beta-Titanium, or Seiko Super Titanium construction, which is 20 times more corrosion resistant than metal and silver alloys. They are 100% Nickel-allergy free and are a smart choice for patients who desire lightweight eyewear that performs.

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